Wednesday, January 14, 2009

50 Reasons I Love My Grandma by Rachel

50. You Understand Daddy Deserves Any Trouble I Might Give Him

49. You Taught Me About the Chocolate in Advent Calendars

48.You Bought Me a Moo Moo Purse

47. You Carry Around A Photo Album of Me

46. You Love My Kisses
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45. You Help Me Read Books

44. You Help Me Do Puzzles

43. You Came to See Me
42. You Like To Talk To Me on the Phone

41. You Taught Me I Am A Princess, Even On Halloween

40. You Love My Pictures

39. You Let Me Tell You about the Ducks
38. You Watch All of My Youtube Videos

37. You Love and Put up with Grampa

36. You Made My Pretty Blessing Dress

35. You Got Pictures Taken of Me

34. You Taught Daddy to Make Yummy Food

33. You Taught Daddy Silly Songs

32. You Taught Me About Animals
31. You Gave Me My First Tent
30. You Gave Me a Cradle

29. You Decorated My Room For Me

28. You Gave Me a Doggy Costume
27. You Taught Daddy to Love Kids

26. You Feed Me Spinach Dip
25. You Taught Me That Girls Must Have Cute Shoes

24. You Helped Daddy Graduate

23. You Like My Coloring

22. You Bought My Mommy Sexy Pregnancy Clothes

21. You Gave me My 1st Birthday Cake and Frosting

20. You Protect Me From Aunt "Kissy Face"

19. You Help Me Open Presents
18. You Help Me Play with Uncle Eric
17. You Got Me My First "Ride"

16. You Gave Me a Bonita Mexican Dress
15. You Love to Hold Me

14. Taught Me to Love Babies
13. You Know the Word "Yesssss" Can Really Have 5 s's
(watch video)
12. You Gave Me a Rainmaker to Help Me Sleep
11. You Sent Me Cute Bears

10. You Turned Your Fridge into a "Rachel Shrine"

9. You Gave Me the Bowers Wrists and Ankles

8. You Understand that Cottage Cheese and Speghetti are Finger Foods

7. You Will Let Me Call You Nonnie

6. You Will Be My Grandma Forever

5. You Got Me a Wii to Share with Daddy

4. I Get Lots of Pretty Dresses from You

3. You Love My Mommy
2. You Gave Me Daddy
1. You are the #1 Grandma in the World!

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